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Meagan Jackson-Davis, Owner

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Many often ask me “Why lashes?” and quite frankly the answer isn’t simple but I will confirm it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

This Texas native has taken a few turns to get on this path. I served 4 years as a dental technician in the US Air Force, completed my Bachelors and MBA at Tarleton State University to later working as a Human Resource Generalist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Before lashes, I taught 4th graders for two years. Wheeew! It’s been a journey. I have always loved everything BEAUTY from perfume, hair, makeup- all the way down to a great pair of shoes. I was always hesitant to give up my full-time career to pursue my interest. Throughout it all,

I have worn eyelash extensions (yes even while Active Duty).I also admired my lash artist’s flexibility and the ability to be their own boss. When I moved to Killeen in 2014, I took the plunge and enrolled in school.Lashes would be my side hustle-or so I thought. It quickly became my main source of income. The beauty industry is a huge, growing market full of untapped clients and so the profit potentials are limitless. Lashing became a real passion for me. I love making others leave me feeling better than when they walked in. Part of my longevity and success has been my insatiable desire to learn everything about lashes. I invested in continuing my education, products, watching other artists and became a well rounded lash artist.

I began teaching in 2016 and my courses grew into larger audiences. At this time, I have taught over 1000 students. A school has been my dream since 2016. In fact, I am asked several times a week about eyelash or esthetics licensure programs in the local area. We did not have a single one! I decided to change that and atlast we have Lashing Out Ink Academy!

-Meagan Jackson,
Owner/ Lead Instructor

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