Eyelash Extension

320 Eyelash Specialty Eyelash Extension Program

The objective of the Eyelash Extension program is to develop, in each student, a basic knowledge of the Eyelash extension application and care. Students will learn eye care, sanitation procedures and several techniques in eyelash application services.

The purpose of the Eyelash Extension program is to develop the knowledge and skills in the practice of eyelash extension applications necessary for success on the state board exams and to gain entry and continual employment in the beauty industry.


Orientation, Rules & Laws10 hours
First Aid & Adverse Reactions15 hours
Safety & Client Protection10 hours
Eyelash Growth Cycles & Selection20 hours
Chemistry of Products5 hours
Supplies, Materials & Related Equipment10 hours
Eyelash Extension Application190 hours
Eyelash Extension Isolation & Separation15 hours
Eye Shapes15 hours
Professional Image / Salon Management10 hours

Total tuition $2,000 (payment plans available with $350 deposit). Se habla Espanol!

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